Expensive Birthday Party

Original Story: Yahoo News

Birthday parties are the primary source of revenue for most family entertainment centers. As an FEC owner, you probably dream about being fully booked for parties every weekend, and you up-sell the parents on party extras to maximize the revenue for each event. But is it possible for parents to cross a line? Do some parents spend too much on birthday parties?

Critics of Eric Lembo and Trang Nguyen certainly think so. These parents, who live in Australia, spent the equivalent of $39,000 USD on a birthday party for their 3-year-old daughter. Eric and Trang spared no expense on the Disney-Themed party, hiring a balloon artist, a photo booth, Disney characters, entertainment from a former Australian Idol contestant, a lavish food menu, and more.

Many people are criticizing these parents, calling the party “wasteful” and “vulgar.” A lot of the online comments from critics mention that this money could have been given to charity or been used to feed the poor. But Eric is quick to defend the party, focusing on how it’s become an event for his whole family to celebrate.

As a business owner in the birthday party industry, you have an interesting perspective on this situation. Your business revolves around parents spending money on their children, and you know that a lot of parents want their child’s party to be perfect. Assuming your business wouldn’t host the party (or get a $39K payday), do you think Eric and Trang spent too much? Or, do you think if parents have the money to spend, they should spend it?

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