We developed the Cinema Party Software brand for movie theaters
A gradual shift is occurring in the cinema industry right now. Instead of building traditional cinema complexes, some operators are combining with the family entertainment center (FEC) model. The idea is to provide more entertainment options for the whole family, such as arcades, laser tag, mini golf, and more. This keeps customers in the building longer and generates more revenue. The operators who are building hybrid cinema/FEC businesses already need a party booking solution. Even if you only have an arcade and a couple party rooms at your movie theater, you will need to put more focus on birthday parties to keep up with the competition. That’s where we come in.

We provide automated party booking and simplified group management. With our software, you can make more money without sacrificing time or labor. Our company has many, many years of experience in the family entertainment and party booking world. We’re ready to help you bridge the gap between your world and ours, so we can build the future of cinema together.

Highlights for Movie Theaters

  • Make party money 24/7 with the online party booking tool
  • Invoices are automatically built and and can be printed or emailed from the system
  • To-do checklists are automatically created for each event
  • One-click reports show managers all party info, the food they’ve ordered, detailed notes, and more

Movie Theaters