Gone are the days of filing away thousands of paper waivers in an archive cabinet, only to be impossible to find at a later date.  With Online Waivers, you can store waivers electronically and retrieve them with the click of a button.  Once a waiver is signed, our software automatically sorts the most recently signed waivers for easy validation.  Or you can search for specific people by name, phone number, email address, or any other field.

Guests can fill out a digital waiver at kiosks in your facility, or they can sign waivers at home before entering your facility.  This makes the party and group check-in process even faster.  The online interface for signing waivers can be completely customized with your logo, colors, background images, and more.  It’s also built with mobile responsive design, which means the content will automatically adjust to any size screen.  The customer interface can be used with any device; desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Online Waivers are more than just time savings.  They create peace of mind.  How is your business protected?

Benefits of Online Waivers:

  • Eliminate inks and paper costs
  • Share waiver link in email invitations, social media pages, email newsletters, and more
  • Save waivers in our Customer Database
  • Easily verify newly signed waivers
  • Guests can sign waivers at home or at kiosk stations in your facility
  • Reduce check-in time, especially for groups and parties
  • Mobile-friendly – built with responsive design for use on any device

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