At Party Center Software, we strive to provide the most valuable and relevant educational materials possible. We believe a rising tide lifts all boats, and we want to help all entertainment operators improve their businesses. To that end, we host live webinars to help provide the best training and information. Some webinar presentations are given by our team, while others are presented by various experts in our industry.

You can watch replays of any of our past webinars below. Choose a topic and start learning!

Boost Party Bookings

Show Me The Money WebinarEvery FEC owner wants to book more parties, and there are some simple online strategies (as well as some sophisticated strategies) to achieve this goals. Danny Gruening (Party Center Software) and Kevin Ekmark (TrustWorkz) cover the most important topics about online booking setup, website structure, social media strategy, paid advertising, and closing the sale.

These lessons will give you a competitive advantage and boost your party revenue.
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Show Me The Money

Show Me The Money WebinarAre you hoping to expand, renovate, or add new attractions to your facility? One of the hardest parts about doing this is finding the money to make it happen. Sourcing financing can be difficult, and it makes people want to scream “Show me the money!” To make financing easier, we’re hosting a webinar with Jerry Merola, the Chief Financial Officer of Amusement Entertainment Management. Jerry will focus on the five key criteria that lenders use in evaluating a new loan request.

Do the research today to making financing easier tomorrow.
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Expand Your Business

Expand Your Business WebinarFor some owners, the thought of business expansion is daunting and scary, but it doesn’t have to be! In this webinar, learn from an entrepreneur who has experience expanding and scaling a business with multiple locations. Elaina Herber, Owner & CEO of WiggleWorks Kids, will provide tips about the best planning strategies for busines expansion. She’ll also offer advice on how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

Don’t get caught making the leap without a parachute…watch today!
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5 Tricks to Increase Birthday Sales

Increase Birthday Sales WebinarDo you want to book more birthday parties? Of course you do! Even if you think your business already books a lot of parties and events, you can always do better. During this webinar, Beth Standlee and Danny Gruening will cover some tricks that you can use to increase birthday sales at your facility.

Simple adjustments to your packages can make a huge impact on the number of parties you sell. This webinar is less than an hour long, and you will learn actionable techniques to improve your packages. In addition, you will see how the Internet plays a crucial role in generating sales.
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Motivating Without Money

Motivating Without Money WebinarFind out secrets to greater success in keeping your staff energized and motivated all season. We will provide you with Ideas on fun and inexpensive (sometimes even free) ways to keep motivating staff during the season. Coaching your players to be great is vital for success.

Hiring is just the beginning, providing your staff with the proper training and motivation are needed for a successful team. Do you have returning staff that need a little extra motivation to stay fresh during the toughest months of your business?
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5 Ways to Fail at Online Booking

5 Ways to Fail at Online Booking WebinarIn this webinar, Armando Lanuti (our Director of Sales) shares the 5 most common online booking mistakes and how you can avoid them. During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why online party booking is a necessity, not a luxury
  • How to promote online booking and drive customers to your website
  • How to up-sell the customer to generate more party revenue
  • How to book more parties, while saving more time
  • Why mobile-friendly design is crucial to success

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How to Cultivate a Great Staff

Cultivate a Great Staff WebinarIn this webinar, Armando Lanuti (our Director of Sales) discusses the best secrets for hiring, training, and retaining employees at your FEC. During this video, he’ll show you:

  • Why happy employees will increase your revenue and customer satisfaction
  • How to hire the right people through group auditions
  • How to train your staff by setting high expectations and treating them like adults
  • How to limit turnover by empowering your employees
  • How to provide bonuses and tips at little to no cost to you

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